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More About Milk

Fresh Milk - natural and nutritious, as well as delicious


Milk is considered to be the most nutritionally complete food - containing nearly all the elements of nutritional importance to humans. It is essential for the development of strong healthy bones and teeth in young children and teenagers.

A few facts on milk


What is milk?

Cows milk comprises: 87.3% Water, 3.9% milk fat and 8.8% Solids (made up of protein, lactose, vitamins and minerals).

Milk with its high calcium content is known to be great for healthy bones and teeth.

How much calcium is there in milk?

Cows milk contains on average 122 mg Calcium per 100ml.

What other vitamins and minerals are there in milk?

The following Vitamins and Minerals are found in Milk:


  • Fat Soluble Vitamins - A, D, E & K
  • Water Soluble Vitamins - C, broad range of B Vitamins, including B6 and B12, and Folic Acid.


  • Calcium
  • Phosphorous
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium
  • Iodine
  • Zinc

What's the difference between essential Waitrose Whole, Semi and Skimmed Milk?

The difference is it's fat content, which are as follows:

  • Skimmed Milk - Typically 0.1% Fat
  • 1% Milk- Typically 1% Fat
  • Semi Skimmed Milk - Typically 1.7% Fat
  • Whole Milk - Typically 3.5% Fat

What is pasteurisation?

Pasteurisation is a controlled heat process that ensures a safe product whilst increasing its shelf life.

What is standardisation?

It is a process that develops the three grades of milk - whole, semi and skimmed. The skimming of milk is reblended with cream to the required fat percentage.

What is homogenisation?

It is the process that disperses the fat globules in the milk, to prevent a cream layer in the milk.

What is Lactose?

Lactose is the sugar that naturally occurs in milk.


With growing concerns in today's society over maintaining a healthy lifestyle, one of the keys to a healthier lifestyle could be rethinking what you drink each day. With few people drinking the recommended daily amount, shouldn't you do more to encourage your family to drink milk?