WildCare press coverage

Above is a snapshot of Waitrose WildCare press coverage - visit the news page for all the latest WildCare stories from the Waitrose Dairy Farms.

Latest News

An investment in monitoring wildlife 22/08/12

The first ever otter sighting on a Waitrose Dairy farm has been recorded

Water habitats given a boost 28/05/12

Water dwelling wildlife on the Waitrose dairy farms will have welcomed the recent rain

Wildlife confused by unseasonably mild weather 03/03/12

Recent fluctuations in the British weather have resulted in winter thrushes ...

Somerset dairy farm hosts a rare visitor 17/02/12

The common crane, a species that became extinct in Britain as a breeding bird ...

WildCare's homemade habitats 31/01/12

As the British Trust for Ornithology encourages us all to put up nest boxes ...

Praise for Waitrose farm wildlife scheme 21/10/11

Experts from RSPB and Natural England have praised the achievements of wildlife initiative ...

Wildlife flocks to dairy farm habitats 01/09/11

Celebrating a scheme that’s seen land totalling the equivalent of 4,000 football pitches ...