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An investment in monitoring wildlife

22nd August 2012

The first ever otter sighting on a Waitrose Dairy farm has been recorded by a motion sensitive infra-red trail camera. Placed on the riverbank, it captured an otter hunting in a slow running stream.   

“We invested in three cameras in an attempt to get images of the wildlife species that we know are on the farms, but which are seldom, if ever seen,” comments Tim Oliver who heads up the WildCare initiative. “We have seen traces of otters on the farms, so we always hoped we could get a confirmed sighting. As a result it is really exciting to now get photographic evidence and we hope to get more.”

The cameras form part of the monitoring system for Waitrose’s unique wildlife scheme – WildCare, which has the principle aim to increase wildlife and plant habitats on the 60 farms that supply essential Milk and Cream.

 “It’s important that we don’t disturb these animals, so by using the cameras we have the chance to record their activity discretely. We are particularly keen to record otters as they are notoriously difficult to see during daylight hours and are usually very shy,” adds Tim.

In the past few months the cameras have taken nearly 200 images, and have clearly shown roe deer, grey herons and little egret to name but a few.  


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