Wildlife this month - February

Winter migrants:

The winter migrants are still with us but those such as fieldfares and redwings that depend on fruits and berries may now be short of food in the hedgerows; any surplus fruit from the fruit bowl will be very welcome in your garden.

Out in the estuaries the migrant waders and waterfowl will be fuelling up for the migration north and still provide good viewing opportunities


The first birds are beginning to show signs of preparing for the breeding season. We are seeing more pairs of birds in the garden and the rooks are beginning to repair their nests.

Blue tits, great tits and other hole nesting species are now checking out bird boxes as prospective homes, so ensure your nest boxes are ready for the breeding season.

Waterside birds:

This can be a good time to see kingfishers, wagtails and other waterside birds around rivers and lakes and the absence of leaves on the bushes can make spotting them much easier. On lakes great crested grebes will be pairing for the breeding season and, if the weather is fair, may be seen displaying.

Herons often begin to gather at communal heronries this month and will begin courtship if the weather is good


Look out for frog spawn, which will now be in evidence in many areas.