Wildlife this month - November


November sees an influx of over-wintering birds, including resident species whose numbers can increase dramatically in winter due to migrants from further north

Farmland and garden birds flock through the winter as they search for food. It is always worth checking any groups of ‘common’ birds for the occasional rarity.

Titmice, finches, pipits, buntings, sparrows and others form flocks of several species and can be seen in greater numbers than at other times of year

Waders and wildfowl may be seen in spectacular numbers this month. Waterfowl will also now be in their new breeding plumage and the males of species such as the teal are arguably among the most colourful of British birds

A fantastic spectacle is the noisy aerial ballet of flocking starlings as they arrive at their roosts in both towns and the countryside. In some selected areas their numbers can be counted in the millions.

Fungi & woodland:  

Large numbers of fungi can be found in woodland and grassland areas in autumn but be careful not to touch unless you know your species very well.