Wildlife this month - December

Winter migrants:

The winter migrants are now with us and spectacular wildlife sights can be seen around wetlands where migrant waders and waterfowl over-winter in their thousands 

As well as waterfowl and starlings, red kites also move into groups for winter. Winter is a great time to visit one of the red kite feeding stations for spectacular views of these magnificent birds.


Now is the season where the evergreen plants dominate the landscape and while the sculptural shapes of the bare deciduous trees still make a walk in the woods a treat, this is the traditional time for ivy, holly, mistletoe and conifers to claim the show


Animals should be in winter coats by now and among the most striking of these are mountain hares, stoats and ptarmigan, which all turn white in winter - a tactic that can prove unfortunate if the season is mild and their upland homes are free of snow.