Squirrel Poison Hopper With Fl

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A bait hopper for use only in grey squirrel control by competent persons. Designed for use in conjunction with grey squirrel bait - item 5332 For use outdoors only between March 15th - August 15th for tree protection. The bait mustonly be used in specially constructed hoppers outdoors. The use of warfarin to control Grey Squirrels is illegal unless the provisions of the Grey Squirrel Order 1973 are observed. Subject to terms and conditions: a) Users mustfollow the guidance detailed in the Forestry Commision document available from Conservancy offices of the Forestry Commission document entiltled "Grey Squirrel Bait (Warfarin). Conditions for Extension of Permitted Use for Tree Protection". b) Use must only occur where the Forestry Commission information indicates that red squirrel populations are known not to occur. c) A selective access hopper must be used conforming to the specifications described in the Forestry Commission Practice Note 4 "Controlling Grey Squirrel Damage to Woodlands". Under the terms of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, grey squirrel bait must not be used outdoors in England, Wales and Scotland where red squirrels occur. A maximum of 4kg of bait per hopper must not be exceeded.

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