Song Meter Mini

Introducing the Song Meter Mini & Song Meter Mini Bat
Shipping Early 2020

Big Features. Small Size.

Wildlife Acoustics smallest, lightest and most affordable wildlife audio recorder on the market, the new Wildlife Acoustics Song Meter Mini Bat gives researchers a simple, yet innovative tool for recording bat vocalizations.

Song Meter Mini Bat    Song Meter Mini

• Comparable recording quality to the industry standard Song Meter SM4BAT
• Records in Zero Crossing and/or Full Spectrum
• Change settings and schedule wirelessly via Bluetooth on your mobile device
• Optional microphone attachment allows you to record birds, frogs, and other wildlife during the same deployment when you’re not recording bats
• Automatically sends recorder status to the app via Bluetooth
• Uses your mobile device to set date, time, time zone and location
• Record up to 20 ten-hour nights with 4 AA batteries or 80 ten-hour nights with optional standard 18650 lithium-ion batteries
• Combine with Kaleidoscope Pro software for help finding species of interest

Song Meter MiniSong Meter Mini