It’s time to meet the next generation of Wildlife Acoustics’ recorders - the Song Meter Mini 2, Mini Bat 2, and Micro 2! Based on valuable feedback and millions of collective hours in the field, Wildlife Acoustics have adapted and refined the designs of these models to improve your acoustic and ultrasonic wild recording.

Like the originals, the new models will still offer comparable quality to the popular SM4 in a lightweight case and at an affordable price. Configuration will still be accessed through the Song Meter smartphone app, so you won't lose your favourite schedule settings.

Key Improvements:

Hinged and lockable enclosure

  • Don’t lose track of your lid
  • Frees up your hands 
  • Prevents unauthorised access to your recorders

IP67 Weatherproof Housing

  • More than just water-resistant!
  • The unit can be dropped into a body of water up to a metre deep for 30 minute without water ingress
  • Withstands the most rugged terrestrial deployments and elements

Tripod mountable

  • Deploy in a variety of environments without relying on the presence of trees or fences

Improved battery life

  • Mini with 8 x AA battery compartment for up to 420 acoustic recording hours, a 2x improvement from it’s predecessor.
  • Mini with 6 x Li-ion battery compartment for up to 1040 acoustic recording hours. A separate lid accessory is no longer required!
  • Micro with 4 x AA batteries for a 33% longer deployment compared to it’s predecessor

Click the Images Below to Find out More, and Pre-Order for 2024 Q1

Song Meter Mini 2 Acoustic
Song Meter Mini Bat 2 Ultrasonic
Song Meter Micro 2 Acoustic

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