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Privacy Policy

Policy updated 14/07/20

What data we collect:

Stow Agricultural Ltd is the ‘controller’ of any personal data you provide to us. The only personal data we collect is a name, email address, postal address, contact phone number (where relevant) and nature of business. The latter is not compulsory, but may be used to help us send relevant marketing material.

Our site collects cookie information, including cookies from third party partners such as Google and Facebook. Information collected includes, but is not limited to, browser type, server, language preferences and country. This information is not personally identifiable.


Why we collect it and how we use it:

Basic personal data is needed in order for a sale to be processed and your account to function (should you have one set up with us). This includes your name, address and contact phone number.

We may collect email addresses in order to send marketing information or offers and updates, but only if we have your explicit verbal or written consent.

Cookies are collected to improve customer experience on our website and across the internet. This data is not personally identifiable.


How long we keep data:

Data we collect is only held with us for as long as it is required. Should your account be deleted we will no longer hold your personal data. Additionally, if you should unsubscribe from our email database, your email address will be eradicated from our mailing list. However, your account information and email address may still remain on your account record, but will only be used for sale and order information.


Your rights as a customer:

You are entitled to request a record of your personal data we hold at any point. You are entitled to request your account is deleted or details changed, with the exception of an outstanding balance still remaining on your account.

Your email preferences can be updated here

Should you feel we are in violation of the law when processing your data, a complaint can be made to the Information Commisioner’s Office (ICO)

You have the ability to opt out of cookies through the opt-out browser add-on from Google.

Should you have any queries, please get in touch with us at or call us on 01451 830400.