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Bespoke, high-quality wildlife boxes, suitable for use externally or to provide internal roost space, for discreet integration into the building fabric of new build and refurbishment schemes. Made to order in the UK, with a range of finishes available to suit the fabric of your design, including brick, stone, granite, masonry, slate, terracotta, tile, timber or left plain for render.​

About Habibat

Habibat is owned by parent company, Ecosurv Ltd, a leading independent ecological consultancy. Originally approached by a brickwork contractor to supply fifteen for a new school development in the North East of England, director Graham Jeffery sourced and supplied products from a manufacturer who sold Bat Boxes to the UK market. However once these were supplied, he received a call from the Architect saying that they would not be accepted. Unfortunately, the boxes supplied were concrete and not to British brick dimensions nor did they work in accordance with the building which was to be constructed. Graham proceeded to set up a small production unit and duly made what became the first Habibat boxes.

Designed with wildlife in mind

In order to ensure the models created worked for both bats and the buildings they were to be incorporated into, the Habibat team met with the Bat Conservation trust in London to discuss with them the design of the boxes. This in turn brought about a partnership between EcoSurv and the Bat Conservation Trust from which the concept of the first Bat Boxes was born. Recognising the gap in the market for seamlessly integrated wildlife boxes, the same successful approach was implemented to design and create integrated bird boxes with input from the RSPB and Swift Conservation.