Song Meter SM4 Acoustic Detector

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The latest bio-acoustic recorder from Wildlife Acoustics, the Song Meter SM4 is compact and weatherproof, and comes with two built-in microphones. Suitable for capturing acoustic data from wildlife such as birds, frogs and aquatic life over extended periods in the field. In addition to the built-in microphones, the SM4 bio-acoustic recorder also comes with two mic ports for a cabled microphone and/or hydrophone. Compatible with the SMM-A1 and SMM-A2 microphones and the SM3-H1 hydrophone.

The SM4's new Quick Start menu and Scheduler feature are an industry first. The unit comes pre-programmed with daytime, nighttime, and continuous recording schedules. Simply choose your schedule and press the Start button. You can also create customised schedules to suit your exact needs.

  • innovative scheduling tools
  • large data storage
  • ultra low power consumption
  • record in stereo or mono
  • up to 400 hours of recording time using internal batteries.
  • over a terabyte of data storage capacity
  • compatible with Song Scope analysis software
  • 3 year warranty

More videos and resources:

Video - Quick Start: What's in the shipping box? What else is required besides the recorder to get started with recording? What settings are important at the very beginning? Which buttons need to be pressed? Watch this video to get going with recording deployment as quickly as possible.
Video - Overview: Take a guided tour through the outside and inside of the SM4 recorder. What are the connections on the outside? Where do the batteries and memory cards go? What am I looking at on the front panel? Get comfortable with the physical features outside and inside the Song Meter SM4 acoustic recorder.
Video - Audio Settings: Explore the details of microphone settings, record settings, audio filters, and more. Learn about the options and explanations for the audio settings of the Song Meter SM4 acoustic recorder.
Video - Settings Part Two: How is the date and location of the recorder programmed? What are the choices for the behavior of the record status LED? How does the recorder know when sunrise and sunset times are? What about advanced features such as schedule modes or external battery protection? Explore the basic settings of the Song Meter SM4 acoustic recorder.
Video - Daily Recording Schedules: The SM4 recorder has a flexible set of tools for specifying recording schedules. Quick Start schedules are pre-configured for immediate recording. Daily Schedules are easily built and customized from the front panel. Take a quick tour for creating simple or complex daily recording schedules.
Video - Advanced Recording Schedules: Do you need to implement recording schedules that vary from day to day? Perhaps you'd like to repeat a schedule once every two days or once a week to extend recording space and battery time. Get an in-depth look at the programming tools for custom schedules that unlike Daily Mode, do not run the same recording cycle every day.
Video - SM4 Configurator: The SM4 recorder can be programmed from the front panel or via the SM4 Configurator software. Use a Windows, Mac, or Linux computer to create multiple configuration and schedule files that can be transferred to one or more SM4 recorders. The Configurator software also provides a security lock option not available from the front panel of the recorder. The SM4 Configurator is the right tool for the job.
Video - Utilities: How is the firmware of the recorder updated? How are SD memory cards initialized? Can the SM4 be reset to factory defaults? Understand the front-panel operation of the Song Meter SM4 acoustic recorder. This video covers all these questions and more.



Compatible with Kaleidoscope Lite - Download here

New Feature Unlocked

If you undertake acoustic recordings of birds, frogs, land mammals and insects then this new feature is for you!

The new feature looks for vocalisations within long recordings, pulling them out for identification, saving you time as you analyse hours of data. To use this feature, just upload your audio files from your Song Meter recorder, then define what you would like the software to flag as a signal by adjusting parameters such as signal length. Click here

Recording Technology: Two-channel, 16 bit .wav

Bandwidth: 20Hz – 48kHz

Sample Rates: The recorder supports the following sample rates in samples per second on one or two channels: 8000, 12000, 16000, 22050, 24000, 32000, 44000, 48000,96000

Mic Directional Characteristic: Omni-Directional

Mic Sensitivity: -28 dB +/- 3 dB at 1 kHz (0 dB=1 V/Pa)

Mic Signal to Noise Ratio: 80 dB Typ. at 1kHz (1 Pa, A weighted network)

Mic Max Input Sound Level: 122 dB SPL Typ.

Storage: 2 SDXC/SDHC flash card slots (Class 4 or greater). More than 1 terabyte total capacity using 2 512GB SDXC cards.

Dimensions: Height: 8.6"/21.8 cm; Width: 5.9"/ 15.0 cm; Depth: 2.8/7.1 cm Weight: 1.4 lbs./.64kg without batteries; 2.7 lbs./1.2kg with batteries

Operating Temperature: -4°F to +122°F or -20°C to 50°C

Warranty: 3 years

Do you need to...

  • record less than a minute at a time?
  • change sample rate/filtering several times in a deployment?
  • record at different times on different days?
  • time-synchronize for localization?
  • store more than a terabyte without servicing the recorder?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you need an SM3.
Otherwise, the SM4 is the right choice:

  • The SM4 is quieter so it will record more of the sounds that you want.
  • The SM4 is half the size and weight of the SM3.
  • It features new, easy-to-use scheduling blocks that meet almost every need.


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