Some of you have noticed the birth of the new 'M2', and have asked us for information on how this new addition to the BATLOGGER family compares with the 'M'.

Those of you that are familiar with the M will know that it has an FG microphone, with a sampling rate of 312.5 kHz. The M2, however, has a SiSonic microphone with sampling rates of 312.5, 384, and 500 kHz. These microphones are discussed further below.

In terms of sensors, the M can record temperatures, whilst the M2 does this and also has sensors for humidity and brightness. Finally, the M2 uses a USB-C to charge and transfer data.

The main features of the M and the M2

The M2 has features including GPS, colour display, voice recording, and microphone tester

The Microphones - FG vs SiSonic

Both the FG and the SiSonic microphones have integrated preamplifiers and are omnidirectional. The FG is an Electret Condenser and has a frequency range of 10-150 kHz, whilst the SiSonic is MEMS with a frequency range of 10-192 kHz.

The FG microphone (left) and the SiSonic microphone (right)

MEMs (Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems) offer high SNR, low power consumption, and good sensitivity. MEMS uses an acoustic sensor that has a perforated fixed backplate and a moveable membrane that flexes under the pressure of sound waves. As this happens an electrical current is generated.

Sensitivity levels of the FG and Sisonic

FG Microphone
SiSonic Microphone

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