Coir Rolls are a fully biodegradable solution to erosion control and are proven to be extremely effective for the rapid establishment of pond habitat suitable for newts or water voles as part of a habitat mitigation or creation scheme. We recently spoke to a Wildcare client ‘Jackie’ who had just completed her own project featuring Coir Rolls. You can read about her experience from her account below.

"A natural pond had been put in the middle of our garden before we moved into the house, and it was purely decorative. It was a nice feature, but I was never completely happy with it. In the Spring of 2020, we noticed that the water level was reducing, and we quickly realised that the pond liner was leaking. We decided that we wanted to keep the feature and improve the appearance. We started by salvaging as many of the existing pond plants as we could (water lilies etc). Then emptying the pond and removing the liner. A new area was dug to improve the shape and a new liner was put in. I realised that finishing the edges of the pond was going to be a problem. I was aware that I should not leave the edges of the liner exposed as it would dry out and crack but did not know who to finish it off. In the front half of the pond, we have a lawn area but at the back half, we have a meadow which we let grow naturally from Spring until Autumn. I tried planting around the front half of the pond, but it was very difficult to stop the small plants from being swamped by the grass.

Pond Pre Installation

By the Spring of 2021, I realised that I needed to do something more substantial to deal with the pond edge and it was then that I found Coir Rolls. I like the ethos of Wildcare and the team were extremely helpful during my initial conversations. I knew that the pre-planted rolls would be perfect for the back edge of the pond but would grow too tall for the front so I wanted to get unplanted rolls that I could them plant up myself.

The coir rolls were put in place in June of this 2021 and the effect was stunning. The effect of the planted rolls was instant and even the unplanted rolls made the area look better. I planted up some small plants that I had bought during the summer, and they are now filling up the unplanted rolls.

The Wildcare team, in particular Rosie Brooks, were really helpful all the way through the project. They answered all my questions and gave advice. Given that I had never embarked on a project like this before I found this support invaluable.

I couldn’t be happier with the pond – everyone who sees it thinks that it was finished many years ago. It took us just a couple of hours to put the rolls in place and other than daily watering for the first few weeks the maintenance is minimal. What has impressed me most of all is that I had never embarked on a project like this before and with the help of Wildcare I have a fantastic garden feature."

Pond Post Installation

Wildcare supplies Coir Rolls which are established at specialist UK nurseries grown in line with Flora Locale code of conduct for UK native plant growers. With a minimum growing period of six months, they are built with 10 plants per metre, the roots of the plants grown out of the base and sides to ensure the maturity of the vegetation and are all grown outdoor in wet beds to create a hardy plant.

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