In a landmark move highlighting our ongoing commitment to wildlife conservation, Wildcare is proud to announce the acquisition of Green&Blue, a company that shares our unwavering dedication to preserving nature and well-made ecological products. 
With 18 years of exceptional service and an award-winning product range, Green&Blue is a welcome addition to Wildcare. As a long-term customer and avid supporter of Green & Blue's products, we have always appreciated their profound impact on the built environment with their superbly designed products – especially the Bee Bricks, Bat Blocks and Swift Blocks. This acquisition will allow us to leverage Green & Blue's established values and brand to further our shared mission: making homes havens for wildlife. 

"We are both excited and proud to have Green&Blue joining us," says Eddie Wheatcroft, Managing Director at Wildcare. "Their commitment to addressing nature conservation aligns perfectly with our ethos of helping wildlife thrive, and with our combined resources, we are well-positioned to meet an ever-increasing demand for well-designed and aesthetically pleasing Bee Bricks, Bat Blocks and Swift Blocks." 

Green&Blue's production will be relocated to Wildcare's headquarters in Longborough, Gloucestershire, as part of this transition. Green&Blue's operations in Perranporth will cease by the end of May. Select Green&Blue team members will collaborate with Wildcare during this transitional period, ensuring a seamless process and continuing support for our shared community of Ecologists, wildlife enthusiasts, planning authorities and the construction industry. 

This strategic acquisition will bolster our shared purpose of contributing meaningfully to our planet. As we look towards the future, we are eager to see the heights that our collaboration will reach. 

We want to express our gratitude to the Green&Blue owners and their community for their part in this journey, and we look forward to their continued support in this exciting new chapter. 

For further information, please contact: 

Rosie Brooks | Marketing & Sales at Wildcare | [email protected] 

About Wildcare: Wildcare is an ecological supplies business supplying ecologists and the construction industry. 

About Green&Blue: Green&Blue designs and manufactures beautifully and modern habitats for bees, bats and birds.