Wildcare want to extend a big thank you to Cody Levine for working with us on this collaborative video project that brings to you the success story that is The Hurcott Bat Project. We would like to also take the opportunity to applaud everyone involved in this fantastic conservation project.

The Hurcott Bat Project

Hurcott Nature Reserve is situated in Worcestershire, and is the site for a project that turned an old boathouse around. It was renovated and reimagined as a bat house. It was hoped that the lesser horseshoe bat would take up residence and that the project would raise awareness about the reserve, with visitors taking pleasure in the area.

The Bat House at Hurcott Nature Reserve

More about Cody

Cody Levine is a Chartered Ecologist and Environmentalist, a Trustee of the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management and he manages Worcestershire County Council’s Ecology and Environmental Policy Teams. Cody has worked with bats for around 20 years having first become interested as a student at Kew Gardens when joining an organised bat walk at Kew’s Millennium Seedbank at the fantastic Wakehurst Place in East Sussex. Watching bats hunting acrobatically over lakes and through Wakehurst’s ancient woodland was an inspiring experience as catching a glimpse of how these bats perceive the world through echolocation. Cody thinks that bat walks offer a brilliant opportunity to gain an appreciation of the complex and fascinating life ecology of bats.

Cody has since organised all sorts of batty events through his local Wildlife Trust and Bat Group, has contributed to the county’s Biodiversity Action Plan, and has been involved in a number of batty-themed conservation projects in Worcestershire such as exploring the effects of monochromatic red lighting on bat foraging corridors, creating dark corridors near horseshoe bat roosts and helping convert a derelict boathouse in a Local Nature Reserve into a bat house.

Wildcare was and still are extremely proud to be involved with the project.

The bat boxes featured in the video are:

  • Schwegler 2FN
  • Schwegler 1FF
  • Schwegler 2F
  • Schwegler 1GS brick bat roost
  • Wildcare Kent bat boxes
  • Miramare Woodstone Bat Box
  • Vincent Pro Bat Box
  • Beaumaris bat box
  • Large multi-chamber bat box
  • Timber hibernation box
  • Truss bat boxes
  • Norfolk bat brick
  • Ibstock access brick

If you feel that you have a project that we can help with please do not hesitate to contact us. We would love to be a part of more projects, and we would also love to collaborate on videos, as it is a good way to really celebrate achievements and get your success seen!