The intuitive EMT2 lets you listen to, record, and identify bats by their ultrasonic echolocation calls, using your Android or IOS device via the Echo Meter Touch App. This hand-held detector provides outdoor enthusiasts, citizen scientists, and researchers an affordable and informative way to reveal the somewhat invisible world of bats.

The EMT2 Pro comes with several extra optional customisations to make your results more tailored to you, but the pro and standard editions do share some similarities. The Echo Meter Touch app is used for both devices and is available on both the IOS App Store and Google Play Store. Both devices are 1.9” wide and 1.4” long (excluding the connector). Both also have a recording format of 16-bit-full spectrum WAV, and RTE, heterodyne, and post-recording time expansion available as listening modes. 

The final similarity is the Echo Meter Touch auto-ID which features in both devices. The ‘Pro’ version does come with a slightly upgraded version of it, but we have found the automatic identification to work great on both devices.

Suppose you think you want a more interchangeable experience, tuning things such as sample rate, trigger window, trigger sensitivity and trigger minimum frequency. In that case, the Pro is likely to be the option of your choice. Below is a full list of extras that are exclusive to the EMT2 Pro: 

  • Selectable Sample Rate (256k or 384k samples per second)
  • Audio Division Ratio for RTE, HET and TE
  • Nightly Sessions Mode (ON/OFF)
  • Real-Time ID (ON/OFF)
  • Save Noise Files (ON/OFF)
  • Max Trigger Length
  • Trigger Window
  • Trigger Sensitivity
  • Trigger Minimum Frequency

The EMT2 Pro also gives the choice of 3 selectable gain settings, compared to the standard edition’s one, as well as a maximum recording frequency of 192kHz in relation to the standard edition’s maximum frequency of 128 kHz.

And of course, the last difference is the price.

EMT2 - £176
EMT2 Pro - £309
Price is subject to change. Correct price at the time of publishing.

Even though the EMT2 Pro comes with lots of exclusive additional features, it will cost you an extra £133. If you have a hypothesis set and you know what results you want and how best to get them, the Echo Meter Touch 2 Pro is the option for you. But, if you’re looking for a great entry-level device to plug into your phone and have some fun with right away, the standard version is the perfect device.

View both on our website here:

EMT2 Pro