Schwegler 2FR Bat Tube/Access Unit

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The 2FR bat tube by Schwegler is for summer roosting bat species that prefer to inhabit buildings. It is designed to be built in ie either bricked in (in which case the front will remain visible) or rendered over into the building façade. The narrow depth, just 12.5cm, makes it very suitable for fitting into the thermal insulation.

The 2FR is a modular unit with optional interconnecting holes in the side panels so that it can create larger spaces with transverse connections. (We recommend a minimum of 3 units interconnected).

Each tube has three different types of internal partition plus an optional hole in the rear panel that allows bats access to wall cavities (and their existing nests). This provides an unobtrusive solution for older buildings and their conversion/renovation.

All the above means bats can crawl out of one tube, into another, or into the wall behind the bat box. To make the holes, gently knock out the appropriate section. (See instructions for more details).

Self-cleaning as any droppings just fall out of the entrance ramp.

One more thing to know – the bat box is made from Schwegler’s Woodcrete, a tough, weather-resistant blend of wood and concrete that will last for years and won’t rot, warp, crack or leak. Woodcrete is breathable/porous, so it can maintain an ideal, stable temperature inside and also provides a rough surface for the bats to cling to. Combine all this with a box design that prevents water from entering it and you have a unit that will protect bats for decades.

Note: There are two versions of this bat tube. There is also the 1FR bat box, a single, standalone unit. However, if the bats are accessing the building interior then we recommend multiple 2FR units (as they have an optional through the passage into the wall) and not the standalone 1FR.

Which bat species?
For bat species that prefer to inhabit buildings.

Usage (Which part of the life cycle):
Summer roosting or will depend on the bat species and their nesting inside the building structure (if a through-hole is made into the wall cavity).

Three different crevice types per unit. Optional rear and side openings. The entrance is at the base of the front panel, approx. 15xm by 9cm, with a ramp leading inside.

See more Info tab for technical details.

See In The Field Tab for mounting details including which direction the box should face.

Dimensions: 47.5 x 20 x 12cm.

Bats are a schedule 1 protected species under the Wildlife & Countryside Act. It is illegal for any member of the public to disturb a roost, handle or kill any bat. Bat boxes, therefore, may only be inspected by a licensed bat worker. However, you can monitor your bat box without disturbance, look for mouse-sized droppings beneath the box as a clue to occupation or observe from a distance at dusk to see if bats are exiting the box to hunt.

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