Softwood Badger Gate

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A low cost badger wooden gate for one-off use in sett closure. Manufactured from 40mm untreated FSC softwood, this product is a cost effective way of covering multiple entrances on large setts. Not suitable for hard ground, and only intended for one off use, although in practice the careful opeator will be able to reuse them.

  • One way opening (can be used as two way by removing the stop plate although not easily adaptable)
  • Overall height: 490mm
  • Overall width: 290mm
  • Leg length: 150mm (into ground)
  • Door: 250x200mm


Badgers (Meles meles) and their setts are protected by law and a license is required to work near or on a sett.

Badgers and their setts are legally protected under the Protection of Badgers Act 1992. However, under licence, it is possible to undertake certain necessary activities, when development works cannot be avoided, including the closure of existing setts, and the creation of artificial setts.

Badger setts can be closed using badger gates which are fitted securely to the sett entrances and only open one way. The badgers can get out, but can’t go back in. The badgers have no choice but to vacate the sett, and then once an ecologist has checked that the sett is empty, it can be carefully excavated. Usually before a sett has been closed, an artificial sett will have been created as replacement habitat. Creating an artificial sett involves building a system of underground tunnels and chambers.




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