Wildlife Acoustics announced the release of their new Lithium-ion Battery Lid kit last week. We are pretty excited to be able to supply this kit as you will be able to record for up to a phenomenal 1,100 hours with 6 lithium-ion batteries (18650), in comparison to 215 hours with 4 AA batteries. It is worth noting that you have the option of using 2, 4, or 6 lithium-ion batteries to power the Song Meter Mini Acoustic/Bat.

The video below explains how to fit your kit:

Top tips:

  • The cell needs to be between 68-69 mm to ensure contact
  • The cell should be protected 18650s to avoid over-charge/-discharge
  • Ensure that all batteries are charged fully and equally before use
  • Do not mix batteries of different types, or old with new
  • Always remove batteries prior to long-term storage - protect batteries and terminals by covering them with insulative, non-conducting electrical tape or by storing each battery separately in a plastic bag
  • Please do not send the 18650 batteries with your unit in the post - for instance when you send your device in for service and repair

Wildcare are proud to be the one of the only authorised service and repair centre in Europe for Wildlife Acoustics’ range of bat recorders and bioacoustics monitoring products.

BCT Survey Guidelines and Wildlife Acoustics recommend servicing and testing your equipment annually. If you are planning to have your bat recorders serviced for the start of the bat season please note we become very busy from January/February onwards.

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