Partnering with industry specialist Springpack, we have recently rolled out (pun intended!) new branded eco paper tape across all our packages and boxes.

How did the journey begin?

The last roll of our plastic branded tape came to an end.

We had to re-order new stocks fast, to ensure we could keep up with the shipping demands of our customers! But it made us stop and think – although we already re-used cardboard boxes from deliveries sent to us, we needed more than just that. Firstly, we are an organisation supporting ecologists and conservationists in the preservation of our natural world. Secondly, we are all too aware of the growing consciousness of plastic waste and environmental best practices. This was no place for harmful, plastic, non-degradable tape!

We approached Springpack with our problem. They then worked with us to produce a fantastic bespoke product that has met – and exceeded – our requirements. The cardboard-brown tape blends perfectly with the packaging boxes, with the subtle Wildcare branding ensuring consistency and instant parcel recognition. We were really impressed with their service and passion about eco products, and we definitely feel this is a lasting partnership that we can build on and develop.


Above all, the switch to eco tape is for you, our client. We know just how important environmentally-conscious practices and sustainable methods are to you as an ecologist, conservationist or nature-lover. Our new tape is just one step on a continuous journey to improve the environmental sustainability of our business operations and ecommerce fulfillment. We hope to not only introducing more bespoke products and features that enhance our environmental credibility, but also better protect our packages to reduce the chances of damage and breakages in transit.

Watch this space for further updates on our eco journey!