If you haven’t already done so, this is a good time to check that your SM4 and SM4BAT-FS firmware is up to date.

Wildlife Acoustics have recently made some great improvements to the firmware, with greater scheduling flexibility and a new compression mode that doubles SD card capacity.

Click here to make sure your firmware is all up to date!


New firmware features:

Advanced Schedule Mode

The Advanced Scheduling Mode now provides greater scheduling flexibility. It allows you create customised advanced schedules that depend on date or have different recording schedules on different days. You can still select the original Daily Schedule Mode as well.

Please note, Advanced Scheduling is not available for the SM4BAT-ZC, which has insufficient memory.

W4V Compression Format

A new WAV compression option called W4V will record using various levels of compression to save card space. This could double the capacity of your SD cards with no noticeable degradation of recording quality. The resulting W4V files can be opened with and/or converted to uncompressed WAV files using the free version of Kaleidoscope software.


New Keypad Locking Feature

The new Keypad Locking Feature allows you to set a passcode to access the recorder's settings. You don’t have to activate this, but it will prevent accidental changes to deployment and recording settings. You can access the feature through the SM4's free Configurator software.

Details on the keypad locking feature, new W4V compression and the Advanced Schedule Mode can be found in the PDF User Guides for SM4 and SM4BAT FS. 

Download 2.1.1 update here!


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