The Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society, or WDCS have now been around for 25 years, to celebrate they have been through a re-branding exercise, so are now known as the WDC, simply Whale and Dolphin Conservation (they have dropped the "Society" from the name). This has enabled them to design a new logo which will be used throughout their campaigns on a wide variety of media.

As you can see the design incorporates a symbol representative of a whales tail, the colouring is also designed to mirror that of a whales skin tones. This is what they say about the new image:

"We are proud of who we are. So, we have simply refreshed our logo, name and design to make our communications cleaner, stronger and more effective. In short, we need better recognition, by more people, to create a better future for whales and dolphins."

The WDC have also said that the re-branding excercise cost very little, being a global charity they were able to draw on professional resources free of charge, simply because they cared about the plight of whales and dolphins.