Ultrasonic 'Calibrator' Tester for Song Meter systems

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Ultrasound is beyond the range of human hearing, which means it can be difficult to test your bat recording system. Wildlife Acoustics' ultrasonic tester is an indispensable tool to verify the performance of SMX-U1 and SMM-U1 microphones. 

The tester can also emit ultrasonic signals to the Song Meter while it is recording, to verify that the system's settings are appropriate. This test is helpful when comparing bat activity across habitats or for unique deployment situations.

Please note that the user guide supplied with the 'calibrator' tester only applies to the SM2BAT and EM3. For use with a SM3BAT or SM4BAT recorder please refer to the Calibration Mode Microphone Testing section in the SM3BAT or SM4BAT user guide.

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