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WildCare is a unique retailer led initiative that delivers enhanced plant and wildlife habitat provision on the dairy farms producing Waitrose essential milk and cream.

Requiring farmers to dedicate a minimum 10% of their farm holding to the initiative, the scheme is delivering striking results for birds, butterflies, mammals, pond and plant life. Meanwhile, agricultural production remains central to each of the farms involved.

To date, an impressive 2,500 hectares throughout the UK is covered by the scheme, which operates on 60 Waitrose Dairy Farms.

The red-listed yellowhammer is one species which has now been sighted on all the farms, hare numbers have doubled since the scheme began, and orchids have been recorded on a quarter of all the farms.


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On the farm this month

During January winter migrants will visit gardens and parks in search of food, whilst native species stake out their breeding territories. The first flowers may appear and newts and frogs will move to breeding grounds.

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Pic of the Month


The fieldfare is a member of the thrush family, and winters in the UK in large numbers. 

The Fieldfare is 22-27 cm long, with a plain brown back, white under-wings, and grey rump and head. The breast has a reddish wash, and the rest of the under-parts are white. The breast and flanks are heavily spotted.