Unfortunately the original (black coloured) Echo Meter Touch does not currently work with iOS 11. The issue affects modules with serial numbers EMT00495 and above. The problem is in the communication between the EMT module and the iOS device

The only way to fix it is with a firmware update to the EMT1 module. That update cannot be performed by the user, so all affected modules in Europe will need to come back to Wildcare to be updated.

The good news is that when we update the firmware, we will add the ability to fix future issues with an Echo Meter Touch app update. Furthermore, in appreciation of the inconvenience, Wildlife Acoustics will donate US$10 for each unit repaired before 31st Jan 2018, split between Bat Conservation International and the Bat Conservation Trust.

If you have an affected module, please click here for full instructions on how to return your unit for updating:

Wildcare - EMT Firmware Update for iOS 11

We anticipate being ready to start updating EMT units around the 23rd October 2017.

Early Echo Meter Touch units with serial numbers below EMT00495 work fine with iOS 11. This is because a change was made to the EMT 1 at serial number 495 to meet an Apple requirement. Ironically, that change is now the cause for of the current incompatibility.

Second generation Echo Meter Touch modules (red EMT2 and red EMT2Pro) also do not have this problem and are compatible with iOS 11. Firmware on all EMT2 modules can be updated through the app if the need should ever arise.

iOS 11 compatible models:
Click here to buy an EMT2
or here for the EMT2Pro