Kaleidoscope Pro has long been a favourite for ecologists with lots and lots of bat data to analyse.

Wildlife Acoustics have introduced Cloud-based storage and processing data has become even faster! Kaleidoscope’s cloud features are well suited to larger organisations with teams in multiple locations and very large data sets.

Kaleidoscope Pro’s new features streamline your entire workflow, from file storage to metadata management, cloud-processing and sharing. These are all available to Kaleidoscope Pro subscribers with a free Wildlife Acoustics Managed Cloud Account (if you don’t have one it takes just a few minutes to set up from within your Wildlife Acoustics Account; you will need to leave a credit card on file).

For no additional charge, you can use the Cloud up to the following limits:

  • Recording data of up to 100GB per month
  • Cloud recording storage of 100GB
  • Up to 1GB of metadata in the cloud database
  • Cloud computing up to 100GB or 100,000 input files per month

If you need more or exceed your free allowance, Wildlife Acoustics will charge your card, simply log into your account to view the fee schedule.


A Managed Cloud Account includes the following features:

  • Cloud Storage -  brings all of your bioacoustic files together in a single, easy-to-access location right from within Kaleidoscope Pro.
  • Cloud Database – a powerful, searchable database that allows you to run queries based on all meta data, including tagged IDs, recorder settings, location, date and much more. You can run searches on recordings in the cloud or stored locally.
  • Cloud-Based Computing – very convenient for analysing large batches of files, this feature removes the processing burden from your computer, freeing it and you up for other tasks.
  • File Sharing and Collaboration - geographically dispersed teams can share recording files and meta data, with user access easily controlled from within your Managed Cloud account

For more information:

There are a number of useful resources to get you up and running.

If you encounter any difficulties with this process please don’t hesitate to contact the Wildcare Team for assistance.