Firmware is the software that runs on your detector. The firmware for the Anabat Swift is continually improved by Titley Scientific to add features and address performance issues. It is important to install new updates as soon as they become available to ensure your detector runs smoothly.

Your Anabat Swift is easily updated by connecting it to your computer using the USB cable provided with your detector. Once connected, use the Anabat Insight software package to communicate with your Swift and install any new updates that may be available. Anabat Insight is Titley's new bat call analysis package that can process both zero crossing and full spectrum recordings.

Updating your Anabat Swift in 5 easy steps

If you haven't used your computer to update your Swift previously, you will need to follow STEP 1 below to install the necessary software on your PC.

If you've already done this before, skip ahead STEP 2.


If you haven’t updated your Swift before, you will need to install the required software as follows:

Click here to download and run the following program to install the Anabat Swift USB Driver for Windows:

Next, click here to download and run the installer for Anabat Insight to match your operating system. If you are not sure what version of Windows you are running (64 or 32 bit) you can follow this guide from Microsoft to find out. Windows 10 is always 64 bit.



Ensure you are connected to the internet. Run Anabat Insight and install any Insight updates that may be available. This will be indicated by a green bar near the top of the program window. Ensure the Swift's battery holder is fitted with fresh batteries.


At the top of the Insight screen, click on the menu that says "Devices". You should see "Swift" under this menu. Click on "Swift". If you don't see this then you may have an old firmware version that requires an extra step. Please perform the "Additional Step for Old Firmware versions" listed below and then repeat STEP 3.


A window will appear and display your current firmware version and the latest version available from Titley Scientific. Press the "Download" button to download the new firmware to your computer. Once downloaded, you can press the "Start" button to install the new firmware on your Swift. Once complete, the text "Finished." will appear.


Once the installation is complete, remove the batteries and re-fit them to restart your Swift with the new firmware. You may get a message about a new "bootloader available", if so please proceed with this update by pressing on the "Upgrade" button.

The update is now complete, happy batting!

*Additional Step for Old Firmware versions

This step may be required before STEP 3 if you have a particularly old firmware version. Please follow the steps below and then resume the above procedure at STEP 3.

1. Remove the battery holder from your Swift.

2. Hold down the power button (in the centre above the screen) while re-inserting the batteries. Make sure to hold the button down for a few more seconds after getting the batteries in place. The screen on the Swift will remain black. This is a special step for this firmware update only and won't be needed in the future.

If you encounter any difficulties with this process please don’t hesitate to contact Wildcare for assistance.