Compact, ergonomic, handheld recorder for active monitoring

The BATLOGGER M2 from Elekon is a good addition to your equipment if you intend to undertake transect surveys and bat walks. The omnidirectional weatherproof SiSonic microphone allows you to record full-spectrum ultrasonic calls (10 – 192kHz) that are rich in amplitude and harmonic information, making identification that much easier. In addition, to call data, you can access location (using the built-in GPS), temperature, humidity, light levels, and GUANO metadata, and make voice recordings with additional information that can be transferred to your computer easily through a USB-C cable connection.

Meet the newest addition to the BATLOGGERS

- Better handling: ergonomic design
- Easy-to-use: improved interface with more buttons
- Intuitive: more data at your fingertips 
- Easy-to-access: data can be downloaded to your computer for analysis in BatExplorer
- Easy-to-charge: charge the integrated battery through USB-C
- Voice recording: record as you narrate
- More robust: better protection against dropping

What's in the box

 •    BATLOGGER M2 with M2 microphone SiSonic and 16GB microSD card
 •    USB-C to USB-C cable
 •    USB-C to USB-A adapter

Take a look at the new M2 omnidirectional technology-rich MEM microphone SiSonic!

MEMS Omnidirectional microphone
Easily replaceable
Integrated preamplifier
Integrated temperature and humidity sensors
Integrated test tone generator
10 – 192 kHz